Zimbabwean Dinner on Sunday, August 5

Please join us on Sunday evening at 5:00 for our community-style Zimbabwean dinner, in the SUB Ballroom. This will take place just before the final concert of this year's festival, and promises to be a celebration! Come and eat with friends both old and new, then enjoy the concert.

The menu includes beef stew with carrots, onions, and broccoli; sadza; cooked kale with onions and tomatoes; peanut butter rice; plain white rice; pumpkin cookies; water and lemonade.

Tickets are $15.00 each for adults, $8.00 each for children under 12 yrs., and free for children between 0 and 3 yrs.

History of Cuisine
The cornmeal-based dietary staple of Zimbabwe is also the national dish, called sadza. Sadza to the Zimbabweans is like rice to the Chinese, or pasta to Italians. Sadza is made from cornmeal or maize, and eaten with relish. Relish can be any kind of vegetable stew, but nyama, (meat), such as beef or chicken, is common among families who can afford it. Sadza is cooked slowly until thick, like porridge.

In general, wooden plates and spoons are used along with Western utensils. In some rural areas, Zimbabweans eat with their fingers. When eating sadza, Zimbabweans clean their hands, then using their right hand, pinch off a chunk from the bowl and roll it into a ball in their palm. They dip the ball into relish and bite off a piece, then roll it again and continue the process.
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