Huya Ndikunyepe -- CANCELLED

Teacher: Jacob Mafuleni

Age Levels: Teens, Adults

Skill Levels: Intermediate Intermediate

Topics: Mbira

Audio recording allowed. No video recording.

Cost: $28

This song is about calling someone to give them tips or ideas. Huya means "come." "Ndikunyepe," from the Chitoko dialect of Mutoko, means "telling you." (The meaning differs from the Shona word "kunyepa" which means "lies.") Jacob will give you tips and ideas on how to master this complex song and arrangement. (taught in Nyamaropa G tuning)

This workshop has been CANCELLED

Student Materials

Nyamaropa G tuning mbiras will be available if you cannot bring your own.

Session Location Length
Session 5 (Sat 9:30 AM) Mbira 3 @ Theophilus 8th floor lounge 2 hours

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1 10 9
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