A Marimba Piece Called Mbira

Teacher: Gary Spalter

Age Levels: Teens, Adults

Skill Levels: Intermediate Intermediate

Topics: Marimba

Audio recording allowed. Video recording allowed.

Cost: $28

Mbira will challenge players to hear the beat in their part while playing an mbira-style piece. This song was composed and arranged by Ephat Mujuru, Gary Goldwater and Eugene's first marimba band, Shumba. The intent of the composition and this workshop is to present the Zimbabawean mbira-style rhythm which can be challenging to un-seasoned listeners and players.

Student Materials


Session Location Length
Session 5 (Sat 9:30 AM) Marimba 5 @ Janssen Room 221 2 hours

Workshop Enrollment

Current Students Workshop Spaces Remaining Space
5 9 4
Percent Full