What is a Zimfest Account?

A Zimfest Account controls registration and payment for multiple participants. An account should be created for anyone who is registering themselves or other people for Zimfest.

Creating a Zimfest Account

  • If you already have an account, go to the Log In page. If you've forgotten your password, click the I forgot my password link on the Log In page. It's important that you don't create multiple accounts for the same person so that you don't have to pay the registration fee multiple times. Having multiple accounts for the same person will also make checking into the festival significantly more complicated.
  • Pick a username and type it in the Username field. It's important to remember this username because you will use it any time you want to register for Zimfest in the future (including at the festival).
  • Type your email address in the Email address field. This is how Zimfest will contact you about your registration.
  • Enter your first and last name into their respective fields.
  • Pick a password. You will need to remember this password to log in any time you want to access your registration.
  • Type the password into both the Password field and the Password confirmation field. If you accidentally type different things into the two password fields the system will ask you to retype your password. This prevents you from inserting a typo into your password.
  • Press the Create User button. You've now created a Zimfest Account that you will use for future registrations.
  • The system will now ask you to create a Participant. Follow this link for instructions for Creating Participants.